Posted by: Corinne | December 2, 2009

I finished a quilt!

For years I have been a quilter -hoarding fabric, books and patterns, occasionally even finishing a quilt top – but this is the first ever quilt that I have actually completed. It was cut, pieced, backed, basted, machine quilted and bound by me! I have about five flimsy tops done through the years that need to be turned into completed quilts, and now I’m past all the intimidation of machine quilting and can finally get them done. (of course probably not before starting a million new projects)

This quilt was basically made as a practice quilt. The fabric is all homespuns that I had bought and cut years ago for some project – in all honesty they weren’t cut well, plaids take a lot of patience to cut which at the time I didn’t have. I just started sewing squares together because I wanted to sew something and this is what it turned out as.

This is the first time I’ve used the walking foot that I got for my machine – it’s fairly obvious that I’m a beginner. It went well enough and I learned so much that I’m confident that I can do a decent job on the next one. It’s hard for me to accept imperfections in projects – that’s one thing this blog is for. All of my finished projects are going on here – perfect or not!



  1. I like it!

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