Posted by: Corinne | December 24, 2009

Christmas Tree Skirt – At Last

Christmas Tree Skirt

I had excellent intentions for this tree skirt. I fell in love with the fabric line Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey for Moda the first time I saw it. I convinced myself that I loved it enough to pay (gasp) full price for it. I ordered two charm packs and some yardage online. And then it sat for several weeks because I couldn’t commit to any design that would be worthy of such expensive fabric. The frugal side of me and the perfectionist side of me were co-conspirators binding me into a state of paralysis! Eventually I won the fight, but I had another setback after I completed the main design of the skirt – it wasn’t big enough for our tree. So it sat under the tree, unfinished, for another week or two. And . . . it’s still unfinished.  BUT, the top is now completed, at the proper size. I actually like the border a lot, more than the skirt without it, so I’m glad I had to change my plans.

I don’t think I’m ready for full price designer fabric. It is really nice to have everything coordinate all in the same line, but it’s too much much pressure for me. I’ll stick to JoAnns and clearance designer fabric for now. Luckily my local quilt shop has a great clearance section =)


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