Posted by: Corinne | December 30, 2009

Challenge for the New Year

I’m posing a challenge to myself for 2010 : Complete a quilt a month.

It takes me a while to finish things that I start. I get distracted…

For example, I just wrote that five minutes ago and then my husband came along and I forgot what I was doing. He was highly amused that those were the last words on the screen.

Anyway here’s some parameters:

  • It doesn’t have to be a new project, in fact, finishing all of my current Works In Progress would be an excellent start
  • Quilt can be any size as long as it is quilted and bound
  • All quilts have to be quilted AND bound by the end of the month in question

I don’t see any logistical reason why I can’t accomplish this in 2010 – I have plenty of time, and, as we all know, that is the hardest element to come by in an obsessive hobby. And I already have plenty of materials (gee, I wonder how that happened . . .)

I think I will try to post what I am working on at the beginning of the month and then do a progress check in the middle of the month – that way I will get a wake up call if I’m nowhere near my goal. It’s all about keeping me focused so I can actually finish things. Who knows? Maybe it will become a habit!?



  1. I saw this link and thought of you:

    • Thanks Ashley! I’ve been collecting links for projects I might want to do and hadn’t run across a lot of those.

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