Posted by: Corinne | January 6, 2010

January Quilt of the Month

I’ve decided to start the year with an easy, attainable goal. It would not be good for me to fail so early on in my challenge, I’m prone to saying screw it with self-set goals and deadlines. So I’m going to take a completed quilt top and finally make it into a quilt. I made this top about a year and a half ago, I bought some cheapo fabric and sewed the thing in less than a week. I just wanted to sew something. And now I have a top that I don’t particularly care for and have no use for. So . . . it’s a practice quilt! Frankly I’m glad that I have something that I didn’t invest very much time or money into for my second machine-quilted quilt. I’m still not confident in my abilities. Sure, I can make a product that looks fine if you don’t inspect it very closely, but that’s not a level of quality that I like to achieve.

So I hope to do a little experimenting with this – maybe do some patterns with the quilting, maybe try some curves with the walking foot. I have no idea what the back will look like yet – there is enough leftover fabric, but I’m not certain how to combine the pieces into something pleasant-looking without too many seams. We’ll see – if nothing else I will learn something, and that is the whole point. Maybe someday I”ll even learn how to take photos of quilts =)


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